Petty Officer 3rd Class Hiroki Ikeuchi

Spotlight on You: Petty Officer 3rd Class Hiroki Ikeuchi

USO honors year’s top volunteers

published: September 15, 2016
Representing Japan Maritime Self Defense Force
Petty Officer 3rd Class Hiroki Ikeuchi
Hometown: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
PO3 Ikeuchi married in May 2013 and promoted to PO3 in July 2013.  
After completion the Basic Petty Officer Training Course in September 2013 with excellent results, he worked for Atsugi Air Base.  
He has been stationed at Anti-Submarine Warfare Center since 2015.
Ikeuchi has a son who was born in January 2016.  He has the confidence of his supervisors and team members.   

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