ND2 (DWS) Austin T. Brown

Spotlight on You: ND2 (DWS) Austin T. Brown

USO Japan honors service members: ND2 (DWS) Austin T. Brown

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Stripes Japan | .
published: October 09, 2018
ND2 (DWS) Austin T. Brown
Commander, Fleet Activities Sasebo – Shore
After basic training, Petty Officer Second Class Brown attended and completed U.S. Navy Dive School at NDSTC and reported to his first command, SRF-JRMC Det. Sasebo in June 2016. Petty Officer Brown hit the ground running becoming the most qualified Junior Sailor at the Command. As a result, he was recognized as SRF-JRMC’s Sailor of the Year for FY 2017. 
Petty Officer Brown’s personal awards include, Navy Achievement Medal, Navy Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Medal, Overseas Service Ribbon (2nd Award), Pistol Medal.

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