Master Sergeant Norio Matsushita

Spotlight on You: Master Sergeant Norio Matsushita

USO Japan honors service members: Master Sergeant Norio Matsushita

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Stripes Japan | .
published: October 25, 2018
Master Sergeant Norio Matsushita
Japan Air Self-Defense Force
Master Sergeant Norio Matsushita has been certified as a Clinical Radiological Technologist, a First-Class Radiation Handler, and Medical Administrative Technician. In 2016, Matsushita served as a medical team member for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force during Pacific Partnership 2016. His experience furthered his contribution to the strengthening of relationships between Japan and its Allies. MSgt Matsushita currently conducts over 2,000 Defense Force medical evaluations and 3,000 x-ray imaging annually. He endeavors to provide the highest quality of care to all service members and patients of the Japan Self-Defense Gifu Hospital. 
MSgt Matsushita volunteers his time to tending temple gardens over the last 8 years as well as giving landscape guidance and farming techniques to his local municipalities and citizens. He also served as a Coach for Kagamihara City in their program experience for 6th graders that encompasses training for living on unmanned islands.

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