MA1 (SW/EXW) Vanel Lamour

Spotlight on You: MA1 (SW/EXW) Vanel Lamour

USO Japan honors service members: MA1 (SW/EXW) Vanel Lamour

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Stripes Japan | .
published: September 07, 2018
MA1 (SW/EXW) Vanel Lamour
Naval Air Facility Atsugi
In July 2012, Petty Officer Lamour reported to Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan. While at COMFLEACT Yokosuka, he served as the Assistant Antiterrorism Officer. In August 2015 Petty Officer Lamour reported to Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan as Watch Commander and LPO of the Weapons Division. He is responsible for the small-arms training and qualification of Naval Security Force Personnel for CNFJ, CVW-5, HSM-51, tenant commands and SEVENTH Fleet Afloat units assigned to the Pacific. 
His personal awards include, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (3), and Good Conduct Medal (4).

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