Lt. Cmdr. Scott Stratman

Spotlight on You: Lt. Cmdr. Scott Stratman

CVW 5 returns to Atsugi

NAF Atsugi | .
published: November 18, 2016

NAVAL AIR FACILITY ATSUGI, Japan (Nov. 16, 2016) Lt. Cmdr. Scott Stratman, from Mentor, Ohio, a pilot assigned to the Diamondbacks of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 102, from Dallas, is greeted by his children on the flight line upon departing his aircraft. The Diamondbacks, along with other squadrons from Carrier Air Wing 5, returned to their forward operating base at Naval Air Facility Atsugi upon the completion of a patrol with the Navy’s only forward-deployed aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76).

(U.S. Navy photo by Chief Petty Officer Ben Farone/Released.)

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