Lieutenant Commander Zeke Lyons

Spotlight on You: Lieutenant Commander Zeke Lyons

Lieutenant Commander Zeke Lyons

by: The Yokota Reds | .
Yokota Air Base | .
published: June 15, 2016

Lieutenant Commander Zeke Lyons (far left), U.S. Coast Guard, head T-ball coach of the Yokota Reds, stands with MSGT Melissa Lange, assistant coach Major Andy Booe and SSGT Kenny Harris during a practice at Yokota Air Base in Japan.  The 2016 Yokota Reds were comprised of families from three out of the five armed services. Three other active duty parents assisted with this year's team, including two parents from the Army. LCDR Lyons is one of four International Port Security Liaison Officers (IPSLOs) stationed at Coast Guard Far East Activities at Yokota Air Base.

Picture taken by Renee Booe

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