Kaoru Hoshikawa

Spotlight on You: Kaoru Hoshikawa

Pacific Region Employee of the Month November 2014

published: November 05, 2014

Kaoru Hoshikawa is Subway Outlet Manager Camp Zama Japan.

Kaoru is the backbone of Zama food court.

She stands in as acting food court manager when needed, as she did for the month of September, and not only made sure operations at all five of the facilities went smoothly but had great financial results for the month.

Zama Food Court achieved 19.44% increase in sales, 20.94% decrease in PC (Personal Cost) and 1,092% increase in DOR compared to MTD Sep 2013.

Her positive attitude and good work ethics was the key to her success! Congratulation !!!

Thank you Kaoru-san for the great job!

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