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Center for Surface Combat Systems announces its domain small activity Civilian of the Quarter

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published: May 18, 2016

YOKOSUKA, Japan – The Center for Surface Combat Systems (CSCS) announced May 6 its Small Activity Civilian of the Quarter (COQ) for the first quarter of 2016.

Mr. Jerry Walsh, a Military Support Specialist for CSCS Detachment (Det) Yokosuka, was excited to be chosen amongst the CSCS training community.

“There is a lot of talent and professionalism throughout the CSCS community and in the federal service as a whole,” he said.  “It is truly an honor to be selected.”

As a Military Support Specialist and the only civilian onboard CSCS Det Yokosuka, Walsh is the also the Administrative Officer, Security Manager, Command Evaluation Liaison (CE), and manages the det’s Budget Execution and Managers’ Internal Control Programs (MICP).

Lt. Cmdr. John Lucas, CSCS Det Yokosuka Officer-in-Charge, says Walsh is simply amazing at everything he does.

“Because of the size of Det Yokosuka and that JJ is the only civilian at the command, his efforts on so many avenues make it possible for the rest of us to concentrate solely on the mission,” Lucas explained.  “He is irreplaceable and truly a one-man show.”

Walsh has been an indispensable member of the navy community.  After serving almost 25 years in the navy and retiring as a Senior Chief Yeoman, he became part of the CSCS team in July 2014.  He was also selected as the CSCS Small Activity COQ for the third quarter of 2015.

“I am fortunate that I can still work with the military and support the mission,” Walsh said.  “The different challenges and wealth of experience and knowledge I encounter on a daily basis are what truly inspires me to be successful in contributing to the extraordinary accomplishments of our Sailors.”

CSCS' mission is to develop and deliver surface ship combat systems training to achieve surface warfare superiority. CSCS headquarters' staff oversees 14 learning sites and provides nearly 70,000 hours of curriculum for 700 courses a year to more than 40,000 Sailors.  CSCS delivers specialized training for Officer and Enlisted Sailors required to tactically operate, maintain, and employ shipboard and shore-based weapons, sensors, and command and control systems utilized in today's navy.

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