Electricians Mate 2nd Class Bryant Dondiego

Spotlight on You: Electricians Mate 2nd Class Bryant Dondiego

Bonhomme Richard arrives in Okinawa for port visit, support to White Beach Festival

by: Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Zachary DiPadova, USS Bonhomme Richard Public Affairs | .
published: April 11, 2018

OKINAWA, Japan (April 09, 2018) - Electricians Mate 2nd Class Bryant Dondiego, a native of Silverdale, Wash., handles line on the pier as the amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard arrives at White Beach Naval Facility in Okinawa, Japan. Bonhomme Richard is in Okinawa as a final visit after six years of being forward-deployed to Japan and to host Okinawa citizens for ship tours during White Beach Festival 2018. The White Beach Festival is jointly hosted by Commander, Fleet Activities Okinawa (CFAO) and Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force, Sub-Area Activity Okinawa (SAAO).

(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Sarah Villegas/Released)

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