Col. Kenneth E. Moss and Col. R. Scott Jobe

by Misawa Air Base
U.S. Air Base

Col. Kenneth E. Moss, the 374th Airlift Wing commander from Yokota Air Base, Japan, flew with Col. R. Scott Jobe, the 35th Fighter Wing commander, aboard an F-16 Fighting Falcon at Misawa Air Base, Japan, June 25, 2018.

The two wing commanders routinely partner together, providing agile air mobility and rapid combat airpower, respectively, across the Indo-Pacific region and continue to build on the U.S.-Japan Security Alliance together.

Familiarization flights like the one undertaken on June 25 help to educate our partners and friends on the unique capabilities Misawa offers, namely agile combat power, even under contested conditions, in an ever-changing region. Ultimately, understanding each other's missions and airframe requirements encourages more cohesion in the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command area of responsibility, allowing us to better respond whenever our nation calls upon us. AMERICA!

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