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Spotlight on You: Brij Mohan

Navy Officer receives Elite Supply Award in Yokosuka

published: December 23, 2014

YOKOSUKA, Japan – A Vice Adm. Robert F. Batchelder Award was presented to Lt. Brij Mohan for his actions as Supply Officer aboard USS Antietam (CG-54), during a ceremony that marked the 31st annual event Dec. 12 at the Jewel of the East galley onboard Commander, Fleet Activities Yokosuka.

The Batchelder Awards are named in memory of the former Inspector General of the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts (now NAVSUP). These awards, presented for operational competence, are awarded to individuals who have made the most significant personal contributions to the supply readiness of the operating forces, according to the Navy League of the United States who sponsors the annual award.

“This close alliance between Japan and the United States makes me very happy,” said Ryosuke Kami, a former Sony executive and Treasurer of the Commodore Perry Region Japan Navy League chapter. “I am very honored to be here today and help present the Batchelder award.”

Kami and the Commander, Battle Force Seventh Fleet/Task Force Seven Zero/Carrier Strike Group Five, Rear Adm. John Alexander, presented the award to Mohan.

“Logistics sets the operational limits,” said Alexander, adding that with such an expansive theater to work in and contending with the tyranny of distance, great logisticians still manage to get the job done on a daily basis.

During Alexander’s remarks he quoted the words of Gen. Robert Barrow, Commandant of the Marine Corps in 1980, stating, “Amateurs think about tactics but professionals think about logistics.”

As Mohan’s award reads, he is the professional standard, with his leadership transforming his department and leading to an increase in productivity.  In 2013, Mohan’s efforts saved the U.S. Navy over $600 thousand dollars by carefully scrutinizing and challenging port costs while also leading the expediting of 1,256 high priority ship parts in the logistically challenging 7th Fleet area of responsibility (AOR).

Mohan’s superiors say that he is an impressive Navy logistician performing far above his pay grade and that his unmatched proficiency has garnered him immediate respect and credibility among his leadership and the supported warfighter.

The motto of the U.S. Navy Supply Corps is Ready for Sea and due in part to Mohan’s efforts many Sailors plying the waters of the Asia Pacific are indeed ready.

“Today we celebrate a young man who exemplifies that motto,” said Alexander, adding that Supply Corps officers are continuously tested in keeping the warfighter ready.

For Mohan’s part he thanked his Supply department Chief Petty Officers that “Made it happen every single day.”

“I did not do everything by myself,” said Mohan. “Thank you Supply Corps for being a great family and always willing to help.”

Currently, there are more than 3,500 active duty and reserve officers of the Navy Supply Corps responsible for supply and logistics support for the ships of the active fleet and hundreds of Naval shore installations worldwide, providing capabilities through logistics.

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