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Camp Zama leaders gain information, resources at family advocacy symposium

by: Noriko Kudo | .
U.S. Army | .
published: October 04, 2018

CAMP ZAMA, Japan (Oct. 4, 2018) -- Camp Zama's Army Community Service hosted the Family Advocacy Leadership Symposium Oct. 3 for senior leaders at Camp Zama Community Club.

More than 20 senior Soldiers participated in the symposium, which covered topics ranging from the Army's Family Advocacy Program and command responsibilities to financial readiness and information on domestic violence prevention services.

"All the leadership here at Camp Zama gathered together to discuss some of our domestic violence issues and family advocacy issues that they experience within their units and commands," said Amy Trotto, the ACS domestic violence victim advocate.

The purpose of the symposium was to give the leadership resources, talk them through domestic violence scenarios, and ensure they have resources and information they need to help their Soldiers and their families, Trotto said.

Lt. Col. Siegfried Ramil, commander of 78th Signal Battalion, said he and the other leaders in attendance shared many fruitful conversations and experiences.

"It was a good dialogue between [the] different leadership," said Ramil, who added that the symposium provided him with valuable information on the various resources available to help leaders protect both Soldiers and their families in the event of a domestic violence situation.

First Sgt. Ryan Knight, the U.S. Army Japan Band first sergeant, lauded the efforts of ACS to raise awareness of domestic violence, and for the support they offer leaders in the Army.

"There is a tremendous support team at ACS [to help with] these issues," said Knight.

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