Airman 1st Class Adelbert Molyneaux

Spotlight on You: Airman 1st Class Adelbert Molyneaux

Wild Weasel of the Week: Airman 1st Class Adelbert Molyneaux

Misawa Air Base | .
published: June 30, 2015

What is your daily mission?  
 Fix and maintain F110-GE-100/-129 engines in the Pacific Air Force's only centralized repair facility that directly supports 3 combat fighter wings.

What do you enjoy about your job?
 I enjoy working with my hands and building up the engines.

Why did you choose to serve in the Air Force?
 It's a chance to improve myself.

What is your favorite thing about living in Japan?
 There is not a lot of crimes in Japan. I feel safe all the time.

Who has been your best mentor and what have they taught you?
 The entire Queen Bee flight because I've had a chance to learn something from everyone.

How long have you been stationed at Misawa?
 10 months

How long have you been in the Air Force?
 1 year and 3 months

What goals do you want to meet while at Misawa?
 Climb Mount Fuji, and explore all of Japan.

What goals do you want to meet during your Air Force career?
 To leave my legacy for future airmen to benefit from.

Where's your hometown?
 Chicago, Illinois.

Supervisor's comments:
 "A1C Molyneaux is always eager to learn and ready to accomplish all tasks thrown his way. He's a very motivated airman, day-in and day-out he gives his all to make sure that he leaves his mark and does his part for the Queen Bee." Tech. Sgt. Josiah Garth, 35th Maintenance Group accessories section chief.

Photo: U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Adelbert Molyneaux, 35th Maintenance Squadron aerospace propulsion apprentice, tightens a lock on equipment used to stabalize an an F-16 Fighting Falcon engine prior to maintenance on it at Misawa Air Base, Japan, June 9, 2015. Molyneaux is part of a team of “props” responsible for all engine maintenance for not only Misawa AB, but Osan and Kunsan Air Bases in the Republic of Korea. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Jose L. Hernandez-Domitilo)

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