Unusual Tokyo Eatery: Christon Café

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Unusual Tokyo Eatery: Christon Café

by: Metropolis Magazine | Metropolis Magazine | November 08, 2015
Christon CaféCuisine: Japanese
Price: n/a
Review: n/a
8F Oriental Wave Bldg., 5-17-13 Shinjuku,
160-0022 Shinjuku-ku , 13
Phone: 03-5287-2426
Menu: n/a

Shinjuku is no stranger to the quirky, the offbeat, and the downright bizarre. From its eighth-floor base, Christon Café overlooks all the madness sprawled throughout Yasukuni Dori—all the while reinforcing the street’s oddities.

Located a short stroll from Kabukicho, Christon Café is a gothic restaurant with an interior that resembles that of a (highly glammed-up) cathedral with a touch of Renaissance-era Europe. Religious effects and symbols fill the space, ranging from statues of saints to crosses hanging from chandeliers; which the establishment balances out with gargoyles and medieval knights.

That Christon occasionally hosts bondage and S&M parties should indicate that it serves not as an ode to religion or spirituality, but rather caters to the gothic and Lolita demographic that’s widespread in Japan. And also those who want to break free from the monotony of family restaurants.

The dining area on the main floor is spacious and often lively with chatter and the clinking of utensils, but privacy can also be had in the secluded booths on the semi-dimly-lit second level.

Much like the décor, the menu is on the diverse side as well, with delicious pizzas, pastas, tacos, and salads; as well as an array of Hungarian, Japanese, and French meat dishes—because there has to be blood somewhere.

The desserts are where things get creative, with options bearing such names as the “Megami no Ice Brulée” (“The Goddess’ Ice Cream Brulée”), “Tenshi ga Kononda Tiramisu” (“The Tiramisu Favored by Angels”), “Shikkoku no Yuwaku” (“Jet-black Temptation”), and “Shukufuku—Iyesu no Yakiin” (“Blessing: The Mark of Jesus”)—which is a cheesecake shaped as a cross. Sounds about right.

Christon’s original cocktails are the highlight, and appear to all be designed to sate the sweet-toothed. Of these, the Rose & Mix cocktail—which comes garnished with a rosebud and an LED-lit ice cube—and the Deathscyth Hell—a dark, bloody red—are the only truly gothic drinks on the list. However, the rest of the drinks selection is bountiful, offering up spirits aplenty.

While Christon Café’s theme is on the extravagant side, the vibe is notably relaxed and sets the tone for an evening of mingling, romance, or discussing safe words.

Address: 8F Oriental Wave Bldg., 5-17-13 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku.
Tel: 03-5287-2426.
Nearest station: Shinjuku-sanchome or Shinjuku.

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