Top non-Japanese spots to eat in Tokyo: Luke’s Lobster

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Top non-Japanese spots to eat in Tokyo: Luke’s Lobster

by: Nano Betts | | July 09, 2018
Luke’s LobsterCuisine: American
Price: n/a
Review: n/a
6-7-1 Jingumae,
Shibuya-ku, 13 150-0001
Menu: n/a

Located on the small side alley off of Harajuku’s Cat Street, this hole-in-the wall eatery serves amazing lobster rolls.

Both the lobster meat and rolls are directly from local sources in New England.

Luke’s is an American chain of fast casual restaurants best known for its Maine lobster rolls and other seafood (crab and shrimp rolls) and sides.

Menu includes chowder, bisque, crab or shrimp rolls, crab and lobster combo rolls and two types of lobster rolls.

Depending on your hunger level, for ¥980 you can get a “Japanese size” lobster roll, or a “U.S. size” for ¥1580.

Both sizes use 6 inch-bun, the difference is in the amount of lobster meat.

Luke’s only uses the claw and knuckle meat, which tends to be the sweeter and tenderer portions of the crustacean.

I tried U.S. size roll a few times which was a revelation to behold.

Fresh bun is generously filled with succulent and mildly sweet chunks of lobster beautifully flavored with dry spices and butter sauce.

The bread is buttered and lightly griddled on the outside for a golden, crispy crunch. Finger-licking good!