Toile De Liberte Cafe: A cozy French and vintage-inspired cafe

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Toile De Liberte Cafe: A cozy French and vintage-inspired cafe

by: Aleksa Diaz | Japan Travel | December 09, 2016
Toile De LiberteCuisine: International
Price: n/a
Review: n/a
Hours: Monday - Saturday: 10:00-18:00
2-1-1 Naka-cho
153-0065 Meguro , 13
Phone: 03-5708-5931
Menu: n/a

I stumbled upon Toile De Liberte when strolling along with a friend in Nakacho, Tokyo. The neighborhood itself is very calm with few people but they have indie fashion stores and this super cozy cafe! Their interior design changes with the season, and given the rapidly dropping temperatures in Japan, this was a lovely place to escape the cold for a while. The cafe is built inside of an old house and was remodeled to look like a vintage French cafe.

We went in around 5 pm, just one hour before the cafe closes, so it's mainly designed for brunch and light dinners. The interior was very welcoming and there were a few college students studying there. It's pretty popular for people who like to coffee shop hop, I saw it on a couple of lists and blogs online listed under "cute places to visit in Tokyo before I die." The decor is perfect if you're looking to get inspired by vintage and somewhat whimsical vibes.

The menu is very simple and serves food items such as bagels, sandwiches, eggs and sausage, pancakes, warm and cold salads, and small pastries. Although they sound simple, the quality is really good and more of a bistro style compared to something like a Denny's or IHOP. So if you're looking for a cute place to get brunch and talk with a small group of friends, I recommend it! We both ordered their warm salad, and it was really good. Warm salads are kind of popular in Tokyo since it's winter and the vegetables available vary by season. Since being in Japan I've tried a lot of vegetables I had never seen before in my life! The salad was made of romaine lettuce, tuna, an egg over-easy, asparagus, caramelized onions, potatoes, daikon, and served with warm french bread with olive oil. It perfectly hit the spot for a brunch-sized meal.

We found out the cafe also hosts workshops in the second floor of the house, and has an open studio available to rent for short periods of time. The workshop classes vary all the time, but the info can be found on their website. Overall, I really recommend it if you're already in the area and if you like the aesthetic. It's good for students and people wanting to get some work or reading done in a small, quiet and relaxed environment.