Sushimasa: Tasty sushi for reasonable price

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Sushimasa: Tasty sushi for reasonable price

by: . | Stripes Japan | September 07, 2018
SushimasaCuisine: Japanese
Price: n/a
Review: n/a
Hours: Monday - Sunday: 11:00-22:30
1-11-2 Daimon-cho, Omiya
Saitama, 11 330-0846
Phone: 048-657-6611
Menu: n/a

Besides enjoying the station box lunch at the museum, you can also enjoy a nice Japanese dishes at restaurants in the center of Omiya Town.

Among many options, Sushimasa is a popular sushi restaurant that offers fresh and tasty sushi in a clean and quiet setting for very reasonable price during lunch.

Both nigiri sushi (hand-shaped) and chirashi sushi (vinegar rice bowl and scattered raw fish) sets provide a large portion for only 1,000 yen ($10).

Skilled chefs cook the sushi one after another by order. The filling nigiri I ordered was beautifully laid out on wooden plate, and all were all fresh and very tasty.

The lunch set comes with shrimp miso-soup. A lunch beer can be enjoyed for 400 yen.