Shibuya Cheese Stand

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Shibuya Cheese Stand

by: Niek Ceylan | Japan Travel | January 24, 2016
Cheese StandCuisine: Italian, Pizza
Price: n/a
Review: n/a
Hours: Monday - Saturday: 11:00-23:00
1F, 5-8, Kamiyama-cho,
150-0047 Shibuya-ku , 13
Phone: 03-6407-9806
Menu: n/a

In between Shibuya station and Yoyogi Park there is a place cheese fanatics from all over the world have to visit, whether it is for the taste, or just because a week without cheese does not belong among the options. Shibuya Cheese Stand is a place where everything on the menu includes at least one type of cheese. And not just cheese, but freshly made right in front of your cheese-hungry eyes.

When there is a line in front of a place in Japan, you know you are at the right address. The same applies to this cheesy place, where six days a week there are visitors queuing to pamper their hungry stomachs with mozzarella or ricotta. But do not worry about wasting your time waiting, since the staff are working hard to serve all guests as quickly as possible.

While waiting you have the opportunity to make yourself ready to order the cheese you've been longing for so long. When one of the staff members invites you inside and you've ordered and paid for your meal, they will guide you to one of the seats, so you can wait for your order to be brought.

The lunch menu offers a choice of cheese-plates, sandwiches or a cheese pizza. Also there are full cheese dinners on the menu, such as grilled caciocavallo, cheese salads and cheese pizzas. For the tourists among us, do not hesitate to use words such as “sandoicchi” (sandwich) and “chīzu” (cheese), since the staff will be impressed by your effort.

Also the drink menu is very well chosen. The homemade sangria would be perfect when having dinner or perhaps a white wine together with your cheese plate? And for the super healthy ones I would recommend the Whey Drink. Whey is a leftover liquid in the cheese making process and contains low fat and a lot of proteins. When you're in doubt, the English-speaking staff will be pleased to help you with some recommendations.

The industrial look of the restaurant together with the yellow-orange wooden plates give some sort of right feeling this place breathes cheese. When waiting for your meal, do not hesitate to take a look in the back of the restaurant where you will find some cheese art as well as the open cheese-kitchen.

Shibuya Cheese Stand can be reached from Yoyogi-koen station. Take exit 2 and head 800 meters south. As soon as you pass the NHK building (on your left), cheese will be on your right. Reservation up to six persons is possible via the website and even though the website is in Japanese, its most crucial thing, the menu, is translated to English. Credit cards only accepted during dinner. If you have not seen enough cheese in this article, then this place might belong on your list. Also, do not forget to say cheese when taking pictures.