Ramenote: Torinoanna

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Ramenote: Torinoanna

by: Brian MacDuckston | Metropolis Magazine | April 22, 2013
TorinoannaCuisine: Chinese, Japanese
Price: n/a
Review: n/a
Hours: Tuesday: 11:00-22:30
Thursday: 11:00-22:30
Saturday: 11:00-22:30
: 11:00-22:30
: 11:00-22:30
Sunday: 11:00-22:30
1-39-20 Higashi Ikebukuro,
170-0013 Toshima-ku , 13
Phone: 03-3986-2811
Menu: n/a

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What better food on a cold day than thick chicken-soup ramen? The key is the time it takes to cook the soup. While a clear broth may take only a few hours, a creamy paitan like this is often an overnight endeavor. The ramen with Torinoanna’s signature logo-branded egg is excellent (shiratori, 白鶏らーめん, ¥700 + hanjukku ajitsuke tamago, 半熟味付け玉子 ¥100).

1-39-20 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku.
Open 11am-10:30pm. Tel: 03-3986-2811.

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