Restaurant Guide

Restaurant Guide

Shigetsuso - A tasty and peaceful sobanoodle lunch

Restaurant Guide
August 23, 2017
Shigetsuso – tasty soba noodle lunch in a quiet setting

Braised Short Ribs on Island Style Risotto with Cilantro Oil

August 21, 2017 Kitchen Test Notes: This is a flexible recipe. We substituted red wine for the beer (no beer in frig at the time) and added some lime zest and juice to the cilantro...

10 Places in Tokyo to grab pizza & beer: Dubliner's

Restaurant Guide
August 21, 2017
Opened in 1995, Dubliners’ is a Tokyo institution. Since opening its doors in Shinjuku, Dubliners’ has established a chain of authentic Irish pubs around town, with locations in...

Sudachilocious Soba at Dosanjin Tokyo

Restaurant Guide
August 17, 2017
What’s your favorite Japanese food? Soba is definitely on top of my list, especially in summer. I tend to save ramen for cold winter days, especially because I love the rich...

Atsugi bar serving U.S. community for 20 years

Restaurant Guide
August 18, 2017
With pizza, tacos and hamburgers on the menu, Bar Skunk aims to provide a piece of home to the U.S. military community.

Champagne and Gyoza Bar in Akasaka

Restaurant Guide
August 17, 2017
When I think of a side snack for champagne my mind automatically goes to caviar, while gyoza is inevitably paired with thirst-quenching flagon of draft beer.
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