Coco's with a twist

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Coco's with a twist

by: Eric M. DeGuzman | Stripes Kanto | December 25, 2012
Coco's RestaurantCuisine: American
Hours: Tuesday: 9:00-23:00
Thursday: 9:00-23:00
Saturday: 9:00-23:00
: 9:00-23:00
: 9:00-23:00
Sunday: 9:00-23:00
Phone: +452505796
Menu: n/a

Editor's Note: Eric DeGusman submitted this story at 11:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Even though we're waiting on Santa, we're never too busy to post your stories. Eric, thanks for sharing and I'm sure folks will enjoy your story and the restaurant. Now get some sleep so Santa can come!

I was reading the Kanto Stripes weekly newspaper and saw a restaurant review on Coco’s Curry.

Suddenly, I felt an urge to eat some spicy curry. The only problem is I live in Negishi military housing and Yokosuka is far away. I immediately searched online and looked for Coco’s. Surprisingly, there’s a Coco’s restaurant 15 minutes away from the housing area.

It took me less than 10 minutes to get there by car. The establishment was located at the corner of a big street, which made it easy to spot. And there was parking below the building that can be validated after you eat. The restaurant is clean and has smoking and non-smoking areas.

Once I sat down, I immediately grabbed the menu in search of the famous curry. I looked on every page, but there was no curry to be had. I asked myself if I was at the wrong place, but I didn't know.

I was so hungry that I didn’t even bother asking the waitress about the curry. I ordered the beef hamburger with sausage and fried chicken. They asked me if I wanted the premium drink bar added and I happily accepted. The drink bar costs 200 yen and you can drink all you want of their hot and cold drinks (alcohol not included).

It was very easy to order as my waitress spoke fluent English. While I waited for my food, I tried the different varieties of lattes they offered, from strawberry to green tea.

But my food came soon enough and there was more than enough. It was so good that I completely forgot about the curry. When I finished my plate I was full, but then I saw the delicious desserts on the menu. So I loosened my belt and ordered the strawberry crepe, which cost around 380 yen. The crepe was very light and definitely satisfied my sweet tooth.

The waitress gave me my check and the total was less than 1,500 yen. I was more than happy with the price. The experience I had in this restaurant was priceless. I highly recommend this place for those individuals who want to try something new. I can guarantee that you will come back for more.

Later, I found out that I went to Coco’s Restaurant and not Coco's Curry House. It was a mistake that I’ll do all over again if I can find another delicious place like Coco's Restaurant.