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In the can

by: . | Metropolis Magazine | November 13, 2013
Mr. KansoCuisine: Japanese
Hours: Tuesday: 17:30-24:00
Thursday: 17:30-24:00
Saturday: 17:30-24:00
: 17:30-24:00
: 17:30-24:00
Sunday: 17:30-24:00
Menu: n/a

Restaurants claiming to serve only home cooked food often leave customers wondering how much is simply dumped out of a tin back in the kitchen. Remove any doubt about just what you are getting when you go to Mr. Kanso for a drink and a bite.

The concept is so simple it’s a wonder no one’s thought of it before. Customers select canned items from the shelf, get a seat at the counter or table, order a drink and dig in. Over 300 varieties of canned items from around Japan and the world are on offer, and the color-coded prices range from ¥200 to ¥2,000. Asahi Super Dry is just ¥350 on draft and there is no table charge, so a night out won’t break the bank.

A dining experience that resembles eating in a bomb shelter doesn’t seem to be a problem. There are now 19 locations in Kanto, with the newest in Asakusabashi.

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