Belgium House Brews offers cozy getaway in heart of Yokosuka

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Belgium House Brews offers cozy getaway in heart of Yokosuka

by: Tyler Hlavac | Stripes Japan | September 09, 2016
Belgium House Brews Cuisine: Pub
Price: n/a
Review: n/a
Hours: Tuesday - Sunday: 17:00-23:59
Wakamatsucho, 3-10-44
238-0007 Yokosuka , 14
Phone: 046-825-2779
Menu: n/a

Anyone looking for a quiet bar near base that is English friendly and free of the rowdy 20-somethings that inhabit The Honch, look no further than Belgium House Brews, located in the heart of Yokosuka Chuo.

I seldom drink and the days of hanging out in loud bars with cheap, bad drinks are long behind me. I do, however, find myself craving a high quality adult beverage in a quiet setting. I had given up on the idea of finding something that fit that description in Yokosuka, as most quality local bars seemed to be geared towards Japanese clientele. After searching on social media, I was surprised to discover Belgium House Brews, located down a very non-descript looking alley extremely close to Yokosuka-Chuo Station.

Quality is the name of the game at Belgium House Brews. There is no cheap beer or Chuhai. There are six excellent beers on tap, 180 different bottled beers as well as a good selection of liquor and wine. Prices are higher than most places in The Honch, but that’s the price you pay for higher quality. Despite other reviews, I thought the prices were comparable to any other Japanese establishment serving craft beer on tap.

Belgium House Brews has a very comfortable setting. It’s softly lit with polished wooden furniture, standard Belgium bar decorations and a TV in the center for sports. It’s a no-smoking establishment, which is pretty amazing for a small bar in Japan.

The clientele, which skews more towards people in their 30s and married couples, is a good mix of Japanese and American customers and everything is in English. The owner himself is non-Japanese, but has Japanese staff as well, giving the place a very international feel.

I had a Belgian pilsner on tap, of course, and it was delicious (as I expected). I also ordered a platter of German-style sausages and frites which paired very well with the beer. The owner was very personable and took time to chat me up as the food cooked; inquiring as to my taste in beer and making some good recommendations. The food was excellent, and I relished being able to sit in a comfortable, quiet bar with a good brew in my hand and good food on my plate. If you’re looking for a place to have a quick beer by yourself, a date night or just a drink before hopping on the train, Belgium House Brews is the place for you.