Bakery & Sandwich shop offering all-you-can eat bread!

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Bakery & Sandwich shop offering all-you-can eat bread!

by: Jessica A Paje | JapanTravel | February 12, 2014
Blé Doré Cuisine: American
Price: n/a
Review: n/a
Hours: Tuesday: 7:30-11:00
Thursday: 7:30-11:00
Saturday: 7:30-11:00
: 7:30-11:00
: 7:30-11:00
Sunday: 7:30-11:00
Located off of Route 27 in Hayama
Phone: 046-875-4548
Menu: n/a

You can always count on seeing a bakery in trendy areas or at major train stations in Japan. Many have a European influence and carry the typical French bread and croissants. If you’re adventurous, you can opt for the green tea flavored Japanese rolls or buns with sausages topped off with mayonnaise & corn. If you’re keen on bakeries or just up for some carb loading, there’s a wonderful bakery and sandwich shop located in the bedroom community of Tokyo and Yokohama that you must try: Blé Doré in Hayama Town.

The Japanese diet mainly consists of vegetables, soup, fish and fruit. So, grabbing a piece of bread on occasion is a real treat. Especially, when the restaurant offers all-you-can-eat bread at a reasonable price. From 7:30am to 11:00am, Blé Doré offers a Morning Time menu that includes a variety of fresh bread piping hot from the oven, choice of soup/salad, & choice of hot/cold beverage, all for 1,200 yen. And although there is a time restriction of 90 minutes, you’ll find it’s more than enough to consume your selection. Besides, it’ll help keep that flattering figure of yours in check for beach season.

Due to its popularity, great selection of fresh baked goods and simply its charm, wait time can average an hour. Be sure to add your name to the waiting list upon arrival and standby. I noticed that customers could jot their name down up until 11:00am and still be eligible for the Morning Time menu. At 11:01am, the menu is immediately switched to Sandwich Menu, which includes soup, sandwich, drink and dessert for 1,400 yen. So, don’t be late!

Seating capacity is about 25 with tables sectioned off to the right side of the shop. Once you have been assigned to a table, the clock starts ticking as soon as you place your order. Drinks are delivered first and shortly after, a kind baker will appear with a delightful assortment of bread in a basket. As a reminder, the great thing about this basket is its fresh from the oven. The downside is figuring out what you want to eat first and saving room for more! More you say? Yes, throughout the 90 minutes, the baker will periodically visit your table with a basket in tote offering yet another delicious looking piece of bread. From curry buns to raisin bread, chocolate chip rolls or just a slice of fresh white bread, the options are endless. But wait! Take some home by purchasing goodies from the bakery section. A fruit strudel, loaf bread, or bagel sure sounds good for the rest of the week, doesn’t it?