All-you-can-sweet in Yokohama

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All-you-can-sweet in Yokohama

by: Metropolis Magazine | Metropolis Magazine | June 07, 2013
Somer House (Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu)Cuisine: International
Hours: : 19:30-22:30
: 19:30-22:30
Phone: 045-682-2219
Menu: n/a

The problem with all-you-can-eat buffets is pacing yourself. After stuffing your face with delicious appetizers and good-looking mains, there’s nary a cubic centimeter of stomach space left for dessert. Those with a sweet tooth, then, should head to the Somer House restaurant’s Nighttime Dessert Buffet at the Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu. Fill up on ten different cakes, including seasonal fruit tarts, five different puddings served in wine glasses, and the proud pastries of the pâtissier en résidence. A few other foods—like antipasti; soup and sandwiches—are available for a rounder meal. But why carb-load on anything but an ice cream sandwich with hotel-baked bread and homemade ice cream?

¥3,150 (adults), ¥1,995 (kids aged 6-12), ¥1,050 (kids aged 3-5).

Every Thu-Fri until Jun 28, 7:30-10:30pm.

Reserve via tel: 045-682-2219 or online

Photo courtesy of Yokohama Bayside Hotel Tokkyo