Three ways to be of service this Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Three ways to be of service this Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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published: January 16, 2015

(SPM Wire) While Martin Luther King Jr. Day was once primarily a day to reflect on the life and work of one of America’s most prominent civil rights activists, in the past decade, it has also become a day of service to the community for many people nationwide.

Here are three ways you and your family can get involved:

  • Spruce up schools: With most public schools closed, the day presents a great opportunity to spruce up the campus. Ask the administrator if there is anything your family can do to help -- from repainting walls to planting a vegetable garden.
  • Serve meals: After the December holiday volunteer rush, many soup kitchens may be left shorthanded. Call ahead and see if you and your family can be of help prepping and distributing meals to those in need.
  • Tutor: Unfortunately, not all school classrooms are equipped to deliver sufficient attention to each student’s needs. A tutor or mentor is often the solution to help struggling kids keep pace with their classmates. Use the day to investigate mentoring and tutoring programs.

Rather than spend the day in front of the television, consider giving back to your community this MLK Day.

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