Speakin' Japnese: Picnic phrases


Speakin' Japnese: Picnic phrases

by: Takahiro Takiguchi | .
Stripes Japan | .
published: October 13, 2015

October is the perfect time to enjoy a picnic in picturesque Japan. The weather is beautiful and the colors are amazing. On Okinawa, there’s some great hiking areas to check out. So, pack a lunch and explore the great outdoors with family and friends. And when you do, here’s some handy chatter to use on the locals.

“Pikunikku ni ikimasen ka?” = Let’s go for a picnic, shall we?
(“pikunikku” = picnic, “ikimasen ka?” = let’s go.., shall we?)

“Boushi wo wasurenaide kudasai.” = Please be sure to bring your hat/cap.
(“boushi” = hat/cup, “wasurenaide” = be sure to, “kudasai” = please)

“Kimochigaii kisetsu desu ne?” = It’s a very comfortable season, isn’t it?
(“kimochigaii” = comfortable, “kisetsu” = season, “desu ne?” = isn’t it?) 

“Obentoo wo tsukuri mashita.” = I made box lunch.
(“obentoo” = box lunch, “tsukuri” = make)

“Yama ni ikimasho ka?” = Let’s go to a mountain, shall we?
(“yama” = mountain, “iki masho” = let’s go)

“Koko de sukoshi yasumi masho.” = Let’s take a rest here.
(“koko de” = here, “sukoshi” = a little, “yasumi” = take a rest)  

“Nodo ga kawaki mashita.” = I am thirsty.
(“nodo ga kawaki” = thirsty)

“Onaka ga suki mashita.” = I am hungry.
(“onaka ga suki” = hungry)

“Obentoo wo tabe masho.” = Let’s eat our lunch.
(“tabe” = eat)

“Ashimoto ni ki wo tsukete.” = Watch your foot.
(“ashimoto” = feet, “ki wo tsukete” = watch/take care)

“Ii nagame desu ne” = This is a good view, isn’t it?
(“ii” = good, “nagame” = view)

“Sorosoro kaeri masho.” = Let’s go back home now.
(“sorosoro” = it’s about time to, “kaeri” = go home)

“Tanoshikatta desune?” = We had fun, didn’t we?


You can also say it in “Uchinaaguchi” (island dialect) like this:

“Bentoo kama.” = Let’s eat our lunch.
“Atoojii nkai kiichikiriyoo.” = Watch your foot.
“Umusatanyaa.” = We had fun, didn’t we?


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