Speakin' Japanese: Taking in a movie


Speakin' Japanese: Taking in a movie

by: Tetsuo Nakahara | .
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published: June 02, 2015

Going to an eigakan (movie theater) to watch an eiga (movie) is very popular leisure activity in Japan. There are many fancy movie complexes across the country where you can watch the latest from Hollywood, international community and Japan. And you’ll get a kick out of how the Japanese translate some of the movie titles. For example, “The Fast and The Furious” franchise is known as “Wild Speed” in Japan. By the way, Japanese movies theaters are high tech with awesome sound systems and very relaxing seating. And you can bet on them being extremely clean. Yes, going to a Japanese theater is a lot more expensive than going to one on your base, but it’s another thing to check off your bucket list.

  • “Konya eiga ni ikimasenka?” = Would you like to go to a movie tonight?

“ikimasenka?” means would you like to go. Example: “Shokuji ni ikimasenka” = Would you like to go out to eat?”

“Konya” = tonight, “Ashita” = tomorrow, “Shumatsu” = weekend

  • “Eiga ni ikitai desu.” = I want to go to the movie.
  • “Chiketto wa ikura desuka?” = How much is a ticket?
  • “Otona ni mai to kodomo ichi mai onegiashimasu.” = Two adult tickets and a child ticket please.

When you count tickets, Japanese put “mai” at the end.

Example) ichi mai = one ticket, ni mai = two tickets, san mai = three tickets

  • “Donna eiga ga suki desuka?” = What kind of movies do you like?
  • “Watashi was akushon eiga ga suki desu.” = I like action movies.

“Holarr” = Horror, “Dolama” = Drama, “Komedie” = Comedy

  • “Ano eiga wa totemo omoshiroi.” = That movie is quite entertaining.

The word of “omoshiroi” has several meanings such as funny, interesting, good and entertaining.
Example) “Kare wa omoshiroi” = He is funny.  “Kono hon wa omoshiroi” = This book is interesting.   

  • “Ano eiga wa tsumaranai.” = That movie is boring.
  • “Watashi wa ano eiga ni totemo kando shimashita.” = I was very moved by that movie.
  • “Wtashino okiniiri no eiga wa Star Wars desu.” = My favorite movie is Star Wars.
  • “Dono haiyu ga suki desuka?” = Which actor/actress do you like?

Haiyu means both actor and actress.

  • “Kurosawa Aikira wa sugoi eiga kantoku desu.” = Akira Kurosawa is an amazing movie director.


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