Speakin' Japanese: Sports Day


Speakin' Japanese: Sports Day

by: Takahiro Takiguchi | .
Stripes Japan | .
published: September 28, 2015

October is a popular month for sports and outdoor activities in Japan. Throughout the month, schools and towns hold a Sports Day. These are family events that are great for friendly competition. Here’s some helpful phrases when attending Sports Day.

“Raishuu undookai ga arimasu.” = There will be a sports meet next week.
(“raishuu” = next week, “undookai” = field day/sports meet)

“Ashi wa hayai desu ka?” = Can you run fast?
(“ashi” = legs, “hayai” = fast)  

“Riree ni sanka shimasu.” = I will participate in a relay race.
(“riree” = a relay race, “sanka” = participate in)

“Kodomo to issho ni hashiri masu.” = I will run with my children.
(“kodomo” = children, “issho ni” = together, “hashiri” = run)

“Kyo wa ii tenki desu ne?” = It is a beautiful day today, isn’t it?
(“kyo” = today, “ii tenki” = beautiful day)  

“Tsunahiki ni sanka shitai desu.” = I want to participate in tug-of-war?
(“tsunahiki” = tug-of-war, “shitai” = want)

“Ganbate!” = Good luck!

“Hyaku meetoru soo de itto ni narimashita.” = I won first place in the 100-meters.
(“hyaku meetoru soo” = 100-meters, “itto” = the first place, “nari” = won)

“Aka-gumi ga kachi mashita.” = The red team won the game.
(“aka-gumi” = red team, [“shiro-gumi” = white team], “kachi” = win)

“Shoohin wo morai mashita.” = I was presented with a prize.
(“shoohin” = prize, “morai” = was presented)

“Tanoshikatta desu.” = I had fun.

“tokyoso” = running race
“shogaibutsu kyoso” = an obstacle course
“tamaire” = a game by throwing red or white balls into a basket atop a high pole
“ninin-sankyaku” = a three-legged race


You can also say it in “Uchinaaguchi” (island dialect) like this:

“Raishuu undoukuai ga aibeen.” = There will be a sports meet next week.

“Ii uwachichi yaibeen?” = It is a beautiful day, isn’t it?

“Chibariyoo!” = Good luck!


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