Speakin' Japanese: PCS move


Speakin' Japanese: PCS move

by: Takahiro Takiguchi | .
Stripes Japan | .
published: October 11, 2017

You just got your new orders and now it’s time to pack your belongings and PCS. Even though you may be leaving Japan, you might want to learn the phrases below to help you better communicate with the Japanese moving company. Here’s hoping for a smooth move.

• “Kongetsu Hikkoshi masu.” = I am going to move this month.
“kongetsu” = this month, “hikkoshi” = move

• “Itsu mitsumori ni kite itadake masuka?” = When can you come to estimate the cost and poundage of my household goods?
“itsu” = when, “mitsumori” = estimation, “kite” = come

• “Jusho wa Roppongi 7-23-17 desu.” = My address is Roppongi 7-23-17.
“jusho” = address

• “Nanji ni kite itadake masuka?” = What time will you come here?

• “Hikkoshi ni donokurai kakari masuka?” = How long will it take for you to pack and load my household goods?
“donokurai” = how long/much/many, “kakari” = take

• “Kowaremono nanode kiwotsukete kudasai.” =They are fragile, so carry them carefully, please.
“kudasai” = give me.. please, “kowaremono” = fragile items, “nanode” = because, “kiwotsukete” = carefully

• “Hako wo ju-ppako kudasai.” = Give me 10 boxes for packing, please?
“hako” = box, “ju-ppako” = 10 boxes [“go-hako” = 5 boxes, “niju-ppako” = 20 boxes, “sanju-ppako” = 30 boxes]

• “Kore mo hakonde kudasai.” = Carry out this one, too.
“mo” = too, “hakonde” = carry

•“Kore wa tenchi-muyoo de onegai shimasu” = Please move this without turning upside down.
“kore” = this, “tenchi-muyoo” = not to turn around
“Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.” = Thank you in advance for a great job.
(*A polite expression when you need to ask somebody something.)

•“Otsukaresama deshita.” = Thank you for the great work.
(*An expression to thank somebody’s labor. It can also be used when you are leaving your work.) 

When on OKINAWA, You can also say it in “Uchinaaguchi” (island dialect) like this:
“Yutashiku unigee sabira”   = Thank you in advance for the great job.
“Utaimi soochi.” = Thank you for the great work.


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