Speakin' Japanese: Office talk


Speakin' Japanese: Office talk

by: Tetsuo Nakahara | .
Stripes Japan | .
published: September 09, 2015

Many of us work in an office. If you have Japanese co-workers here are some useful words and phrases that might come in handy.

“Meeting wo hajime masho” = Let’s start the meeting.
(“wo hajime masho” = let’s start)

“Watashi no e-mail wo mimashitaka?” = Did you see my e-mail?
(“wo mimashitaka?” = Did you see?; “Watashi” = I)

“Ohiru gohan ni ittekimasu.” = I am going to lunch.
(“ni ittekimsu” = I am going to; “ohiru gohan” = lunch)
“Kyukei shimashou.” = Let’s take a break.
“kyukei” = break

“Yuubinkyoku ni ittekimasu.” = I am going to the post office.
(“yuubinkyoku” = post office)

“Ashita wa yasumi masu.” = I am taking a day off tomorrow.
(“ashita” = tomorrow; “kyo” = today; “yasumi” = day off)
“yuukyuu” = paid holiday
“byouketsu” = sick leave
“natsuyasumi” = summer vacation
“shukujitsu” = national holiday
“Watashi wa isogashii” = I am busy.
(“isogashii” = busy)

“Isogashii desuka?”= Are you busy?

“Copy shite moraemsuka?” = Would you make a copy (of this)?
(“shite moraemasuka?”= would you?)

“Denwa shite moraemasuka?” = Would you make a phone call?
“Denwa” = telephone

“Ganbatte kudasai!” = Please do your best! (Used like “good luck.”)

“Shoshin omedetou gozaimasu.” = Congratulations on your promotion.
“shoshin” = promotion

“Watashi wa ie ni kaerimasu.” = I am going home.
(“ie” = home; “kaerimasu” = go [return])

“Otsukare sama deshita.” = Thanks for all your hard work. (Used at the end of a workday like “good night” or “see you tomorrow.”)


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