Speakin' Japanese: Acupuncture talk


Speakin' Japanese: Acupuncture talk

by: Takahiro Takiguchi | .
Stripes Japan | .
published: January 28, 2016

The following words and phrases can help you during acupuncture therapy in Japan.

“Atama ga itai desu.” = I have a headache.
(“atama” = head, “ga itai desu” = I have pain)

“Kata ga itai desu.” = My shoulders are aching.
(“kata” = shoulder)

“Koshi ga itai desu.” = My lower back is aching.
(“koshi” = lower back)

“Yoru nerare masen.” = I can’t sleep well at night.
(“yoru” = night, “nerare masen” = can’t sleep)

“Yoi shinkyushi wo shokai shitekudasai.” = Please introduce me to a good acupuncturist.
(“yoi” = good, “shinkyushi” = acupuncturist, “shokai” = introduce, “shite kudasai” = please do)

“Hari wo utte kudasai.” = Please apply acupuncture needles to my body.
(“hari” = needle, “utte” = apply, “kudasai” = plase)

“Hari wa itai desuka?” = Is acupuncture painful?
(“itai” = painful, “desuka?” = is it?)

“Hari wo utta koto ga arimasen.” = I have never had acupuncture therapy.
(“koto ga arimasen” = I have never had)

“Totemo yokunari mashita.” = I feel much better now.
(“totemo” = very, “yokunari” = become better)

“Katakori ga naori mashita.” = My still shoulders have been cured.
(“katakori” = still shoulders, “naori” = cured)


You can also say it in “Uchinaaguchi” (island dialect) like this:

“Kushi yamii soon.” = My lower back is aching.

“Hari ucchi kuimi soore.” = Please apply acupuncture needles to my body.

“Mashi natoon.” = I feel much better now.


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