Speakin’ Japanese: Spooky speak


Speakin’ Japanese: Spooky speak

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published: October 24, 2016

Japan in the form of commercial and entertainment events – especially in big cities. Don’t be surprised to see parties, fancy costumes and parades celebrating Halloween. Here are a few words and phrases to help get you in to the spirit.

“obake” = ghost
“kowai hanashi” = scary story
“noroi” = curse
= blood
“ame” = candy
“kazari” = decoration
“Totemo kowai”= very scary
“Totemo” = very; “kowai” = scary
“Kowaku nai” = not scary.
“Kyo wa Halloween desu” = Today is Halloween.
 “kyo wa … desu” = Today is …
“Watashi wa Halloween paahty ni ikimasu.” = I am going to a Halloween party.
“ni ikimasu” = go to; “paahty” = party
“Kodomo wa trick-or-treating wo tanoshimi ni shiteimasu.” = The children are looking forward to going trick-or-treating.
“kodomo” = children; “tanoshimi ni shiteimasu.” = looking forward to
“Halloween no kaso wo shimasuka?” = Will you dress up for Halloween?
“kaso” = dress up
“Watashi wa banpaiyah ni naru yotei desu” = I am going to be a vampire.
“ni naru yotei desu” = going to be; “banpaiyah” = vampire
“Anata no costume wa kawaii desu.” = Your costume is cute.
“Anata no costume wa kakkoii desu.” = Your costume is cool.
“kawaii” = cute; “kakkoii” = cool (or handsome)
“Anatano ie no kazari wa totemo suteki desu.” = Your house’s decorations are very nice.
“Anatano” = your; “ie” = house; “suteki” = nice

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