Master of Swordsmanship visits Yokosuka for student seminar


Master of Swordsmanship visits Yokosuka for student seminar

by: Chris Guffey | .
Gosu Dojang | .
published: October 21, 2016

Yokosuka, Japan (Oct 13, 2016) -  Students of the Haidong Gumdo program offered by Master Chris Guffey received some special training on Thursday evening from 7th Degree Black Belt and Chief of Education for the World Haidong Gumdo Federation, Master Jeong-Woo Kim of South Korea.

Master Kim was visiting CFAY to train Master Guffey in preparation for his 5th Degree Black Belt promotion and to host a seminar for the students. Although classes in Yokosuka are still in their infancy, participants were able to gain a deeper understanding of their basic techniques while also enjoying the experience of training alongside an individual that is very well known and highly regarded in the art.

At the end of the session, the students commented on how much they enjoyed participating in the training and took several photos with Master Kim.  All students were excited and are looking forward to Master Kim's return for more training in the future.

About Gosu Dojang

Gosu Dojang, formerly CG Martial Arts 2005-2015, began in late 2015 when Master Guffey and his family moved to Yokosuka.  Gosu Dojang offers classes at the Hawk's Nest in Yokosuka every Tuesday and Thursday at 1800, cost is $50 per month.  Youth classes begin January 2016 and will meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 1700.

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