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Mark the date

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published: August 01, 2014

Honey Day

Combine the month, hachi (8), with the date, mitsu (3), and you get hachimitsu—the Japanese word for honey.

Banana Day

Ba (8) plus nana (7) make, banana—like you needed an excuse to eat one.

Abacus Day & Bubble Wrap Day

Eight-eight translates to hachi-hachi, which is reminiscent of the onomatopoeic “pachi-pachi” of abacus beads being flicked—and also similar to Puchipuchi, a Japanese brand of bubble wrap made by Kawakami Sangyo Co., Ltd.

AUG 17
Pineapple Day

This one’s a bit of a stretch that relies on variant number readings: 8 can be read as pa, 1 can be i, and 7 can be na, which gives you “paina”—allowing the astute punsmith to fill in the rest.

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