Learning at Lanham Is, “Oh So Sweet!”


Learning at Lanham Is, “Oh So Sweet!”

by: Cheri A. Hayes | .
Shirley Lanham ES | .
published: September 21, 2016

Part of DoDEA’s Science Standards for fourth graders state, that learners should develop skills of scientific inquiry, including knowledge and use of tools necessary to conduct a simple, scientific investigation.

Mr. Carl Guinn’s fourth grade class had a “sweet” opportunity to do just that as they participated in a Scientific Method Lab: Skittle Colors. This activity provided the necessary criteria to focus on age-appropriate concepts and skills to acquire scientific attitudes and habits of mind. Being posed with the main question/problem as “Which color skittle is most common in a fun-sized package of skittles?” students had to develop a hypothesis of what they believed the most dominant color would be.

What would your hypothesis be? As students received the necessary materials to complete the activity, they recorded their hypotheses and then followed the procedure for the lab activity. The activity was filled with cross-curricular content, especially while calculating percentages of skittle colors in each bag and creating a bar graph to plot the data they collected.

Overall, this activity was fun and engaging for all students present. Based on the post-lab inquiry, students were able to present evidence on whether their hypothesis was supported or rejected, answer the original question, elaborate on what they could have done to improve the accuracy of the activity, and explain how the scientific method was or was not followed.

While the lab activity may have presented its challenges to students, they were all reaped the reward of success in the end.

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