The largest art and performance festival in Asia returns!


The largest art and performance festival in Asia returns!

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published: February 22, 2016

The largest art and performance festival in Asia is returning for a 43rd installment: Design Festa!

Participants are limited only by their own originality, and paintings, fashion, performances and more that can be seen nowhere else on earth are featured alongside one another on equal ground.

The combined fervor of over 60,000 people, where anyone and everyone is guaranteed to find something just for them: that is Design Festa!

  • Event Information:
  • Event Name: Design Festa vol.43
  • Dates, Times: May 14th(sat) and 15th(sun), 11am to 7pm
  • Location: Tokyo Big Sight West Halls, 3-11-1, Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo Advance Tickets: 800 yen (one day) 1,500 yen (two days) At the Door Tickets: 1,000 yen (one day) 1,800 yen (two days)
  • Exhibitors: 12,500 artists exhibiting from over 3,500 booths.
  • Visitors: A projected count of 60,000 (vol.42: 56,000)

We are anticipating over 60,000 visitors during the two-day, one-of-a-kind experience that is Design Festa weekend, to be held on May 14th and 15th, 2016.

Located in the West Halls of Tokyo Big Sight, Design Festa vol.43 will feature the individually unique self-expression of more than 12,000 groups, companies, schools and individuals via a countless number of artistic outlets.

Booth Area:
Artists, designers, musicians, students, companies and more from a myriad of countries are all here displaying the endless array of styles and talents of over 12,000 people.

Low-Light Area:
Interior design, performance art and electric installations are just a sample of what can be found in the Low-Light Area, an extension of the main Booth Area and a zone entirely unique to Design Festa.

Live Painting:
During the event’s two days, over 60 different live paint artists scattered  throughout the venue transform giant, wall-sized canvases into never-before-seen works of art right before your eyes.

Restaurant Area:
Featuring a wide variety of international cuisine, food stalls at Design Festa can be found on the fourth floor in both the Indoor and Outdoor Food Court as well as in two different Cafe Areas.

Show Stage:
From acrobatics and ballet to kids’ fashion shows and original music, the Show Stage offers a nonstop parade of wildly varying, live entertainment.

Workshop Area:
Fun for children and parents alike, the Workshop Area is a unique opportunity where visitors themselves become the artists.

The Design Festa Office
Located in Design Festa’s daily celebration of original art, Design Festa Gallery, Harajuku
Company: Design Festa Ltd. 3-20-18 Meiji Jingu Mae, Shibuya, Tokyo

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