I would like to hear from you


I would like to hear from you

by: Kim Suchek | .
Stripes Kanto | .
published: January 03, 2013

Hello military community,

As military families we face different situations and obstacles daily that can be very stressful. And for those of you who move every couple years this is a cycle that can be repeated. I would like to start this year with a simple request from you, the military community. I would like to hear from you on what types of resources you would like to hear about or topics you would like me to discuss in this column.

Is there a specific organization you would like more information about? Are you a “newbie” to the military and would like benefits or regulations explained in more detail? Or are you an “old dog” that may need retirement options explained? The sky is the limit. It is not only Star & Stripes’ goal, but mine as well, to keep you updated in all aspects and make sure you have all the resources and information needed to make your life easier. So please, let us know what you are hoping to hear more about.

Blessing for you and your family in the new year!
Kim Suchek

Send your suggestions – with “Survival Guide” in the subject line to Kanto@Stripes.com

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