Father's day poems


Father's day poems

by: Latorial Faison | .
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published: June 11, 2014

Here are two father's day poems written by Latorial Faison, a military spouse living in South Korea. You can find out about her and read more of her poems on her website.

Daddy's English

He was a man
of few words
for calling women
their husbands’ names
or nicknames
with titles
like Mrs. Cat
or Mrs. Charlie

He’d call you
a cracker jack 
if you couldn’t be still
a shot for trying to be
somebody you were not
a pistol if he thought
you were mean
as shit

He might even call you
Tharl, Jespa, or Ettie
a girl-child
if you were a boy
in a mirror
too long

The Art of Fathering

It’s being set apart
To put faith to the test
It’s being responsible and guided
By truth and righteousness

It’s being granted strength
To love, encourage, and respect
It’s being appointed for life
To provide and protect

It’s being blessed with insight
To bear witness to life
It’s being challenged, yet chosen
To stand through strife

It’s being endowed with the honor
Of  changing the Earth
It’s being confirmed for the conquest
Of growing wisdom and worth

It’s a forever, changing journey
Establishing true bond indeed
It’s an abundant gift of spirit
A harvesting of seed

© May 14, 2013 Latorial D. W. Faison

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