Design Festa vol.44: Asia's Largest Art Festival Celebrates 22 Years


Design Festa vol.44: Asia's Largest Art Festival Celebrates 22 Years

by: Design Festa | .
Design Festa | .
published: September 20, 2016

3,500 different exhibitions, 40 live performances and 12,000 artists from 13 different countries all coming together for a two-day celebration of original art, fashion, photography, design and more: it can be no where else but Design Festa!

Design Festa vol.44 will be the 22nd anniversary of the single largest art event in Asia, and it is already shaping up to be a fantastic two days of live painting, live music and once-in-a-lifetime experiences!

One of the most popular draws of Design Festa is undoubtedly the Live Painting, where over 50 different artists transform giant canvases 3.6 meters wide and 2.1 meters high into one-of-a-kind murals of ink, paint, pencil and pen, right before your eyes.
This installment of Design Festa will feature more Super-Size Live Painting exhibitions than ever before, with nearly 20 different artists and artist-groups turning 8-meter-wide, 3.6-meter-high canvases into never-before-seen art in motion.

It wouldn't be Design Festa without the original live performances that you can find no where else, which is why you will need both days of the event to try and catch a glimpse of the action happening both on the Show Stage inside Tokyo Big Sight's gigantic atrium and the Live Music Stage located just outside the venue.
The Show Stage is the high-ceilinged atrium's centerpiece, surrounding by live painting and featuring a constant rotation of original performance art, fashion shows, live music, ballet and more throughout all 16 hours of the two-day event.
Found immediately outside the venue and bursting with delicious, international restaurant stalls, the Live Music Stage serves as host to nearly 20 different bands from Japan and abroad with a focus on no particular genre. Rock, alternative music, visual kei, punk and more all come together to give Design Festa the edge that separates it from the rest.

The backbone of Design Festa is undoubtedly its 3,500-strong Booth Area, separated into both Regular Lighting and Low-Lighting zones and featuring an overwhelming variety of original art.
Spanning both the first and the fourth floors of the immense Tokyo Big Sight, areas are sectioned off by genre--painting, illustration, photography, fashion, interior design, ceramics, accessories, and more--but the short two days of the event are barely enough to see, hear, taste and experience the majority of the unplanned and unrestricted creativity at work.

It is pride of the event that Design Festa charges no commission fees and its artists are subject to no screening, interviews or pre-approval, guaranteeing that everything for sale, everything on display and everything that unfolds before your eyes is the 100% original, raw expression of its creator, with no middleman, censorship or restraints.

Over 60,000 visitors are anticipated over the course of the two-day event, and there is no telling what or who you may discover at this once-in-a-lifetime combination of unrestricted originality: International Art Event Design Festa!

Title: Design Festa vol.44
Area: Ariake
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
Address: Tokyo Big Sight West Halls, 3-11-1, Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Date: November 26th(sat) and 27th(sun), 11am to 7pm
Price: Advance Tickets: 800 yen (one day) 1,500 yen (two days) At the Door Tickets: 1,000 yen (one day) 1,800 yen (two days)

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