COOL launches major updates to website


COOL launches major updates to website

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published: October 10, 2012

PENSACOLA, Fla. - The Center for Information Dominance (CID) announced a new major update to the Navy Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL) website, Oct. 3.

This is the first major overhaul of the website - - which has had more than 125 million hits since COOL was launched in 2006.

Navy COOL is a centralized, Web-based hub that consolidates information from numerous sources at the federal, state and local levels on certifications, licenses, apprenticeships and growth opportunities that correspond with each Navy rating, job and occupation.

Armed with that information, Navy COOL has provided funding for Navy enlisted personnel to obtain civilian licenses and certifications that are closely aligned with a Sailor's job or rating.

More than 76,000 certification examinations have been funded by Navy COOL, with Sailor's earning a pass rate of 95.32 percent, compared to a national average of 70.85 percent for civilian pass rates.

Navy COOL Program Manager Keith Boring said the updated website is now easier to navigate and has a fresh 21st century look and feel.

"It also provides a fresh new look and layout based off of customer feedback," Boring said. "This is not just a one-way product, this is a two-way product of Sailors providing recommendations that enhances a Navy tool."

The major new features on the web site will help address transitioning Sailors as well as veterans to identify job opportunities and employment information.

"We're not just tying them to a civilian equivalent occupation, it's actually tying them to job openings," Boring said. "All this is with coordination with the Department of Labor, Veterans Affairs, the DoD, so it's really a joint effort, a great example of government agencies working together to produce a great product for our service members."

Key features added to COOL that directly support the Navy's credentialing goals as well as the White House/DoD's Credentialing Task Force vision include:

-- Links to DOL-recognized O*Net Civilian Equivalent Occupations mapped to each enlisted Navy rating and Officer Designator (as well as other occupations)

-- The linked Civilian Equivalent Occupations tie to "My Next Move For Veterans" website

-- The linked Civilian Equivalent Occupations display DOL "Bright Outlook" (indicates that new job opportunities are very likely in the future for this job)

-- The linked Civilian Equivalent Occupations display DOL "Green Occupations" ( indicates that this work is part of the green economy)

-- Local Salary Information (each Civilian Equivalent Occupation is linked to the "My Next Move for Veterans" web site so users can view salary and employment information for the job)

-- Find Jobs (each Civilian Equivalent Occupation will be linked to "My Next Move for Veterans" web site (so users can search for job listings in their area)

"There's a lot more to check out," Boring said. "Please explore the site and see how we're helping today's Sailors become a stronger, professionalized workforce, and how we're providing valuable tools for those soon-to-be veterans to be successful in post-service employment."

CID is the Navy's Learning Center that leads, manages and delivers Navy and Joint Force training in information operations, information warfare, information technology, cryptology and intelligence.

With a staff of nearly 1,300 military, civilian and contracted staff members, CID oversees the development and administration of more than 226 courses at four commands, two detachments and 14 learning sites throughout the United States and in Japan. CID provides training for approximately 24,000 members of the U.S. Armed Services and Allied Forces each year.

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