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The Hiroshima Castle in all its glory (Photos by Chantelle Silva)

A Walk Around Hiroshima Castle

The sun was shining and there was a cool breeze in the air - the perfect day for a morning stroll....

The hike between Lake Chuzenji and Lake Yunoko over the Senjogahara Plateau in Nikko National Park offers a chance to experience some rare bucolic beauty.

National park offers pilgrimage to relieve stress

It is unfortunate that most military families make Nikko a fast one-day or weekend trip and never travel beyond Lake Chuzenji in Nikko National...

Ann Chizuko Yokota embroidered names of fellow Japanese Americans while she was in an internment camp. About 120,000 people with Japanese ancestry living on the West Coast and Hawaii were relocated to internment camps at desolated locations during World War II after Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor. Chiyomi Sumida/Stars and Stripes

Art sheds light on spirit of Japanese-American POWs

Kaneichi Yamaichi’s wooden nameplate still shines after more than 70 years.

The California farmer was among 120,000 Japanese-Americans...

Get knee deep at beaches near U.S. military bases

For U.S. troops stationed in Japan and on Okinawa, options for a trip to the beach vary greatly based on duty station.

Tokyo’s packed...

Kamakura foliage makes rainy season delightful

June in Japan usually descends with a curtain of rain that can last more than a month. You’ll have plenty of time for sunny days toward the end of...

Miyakojima is famous for its many tunnels and arches.

Miyako jima: A diver's paradise

Not to be confused with Miyakejima south of Tokyo, Miyakojima lies about 300km southwest of the main island of Okinawa. It's a relatively flat...

Courtesy of Flickr StickerEsq

D'oh Nuts

With a name reminiscent of bovine urine, Calpis is a hard drink to swallow for many Anglophones in Japan. But Japanese folks have been quaffing it...

Photos by Michelle Madden

Chinatown in Nagasaki

I can honestly say that Nagasaki’s Chinatown is the best one I have been to yet. Just a stone’s throw away from the port this...

Brilliantly blue Ryujin Bridge with carp streamers.

Famed 'Northern Dragons'

Hidden in the hills of Hitachiota is a massive sleeping dragon and its many earth-bound children. Famous as one of the longest suspension bridges...

Yokosuka curry has become famous all over Japan.

Kanagawa's other 'Yoko' city houses vibrant maritime history

Yokosuka Yokoso! Welcome to Yokosuka!

The “other” Yoko, a city in Kanagawa located far down the Miura Peninsula, is filled with rich Naval...

Train otaku heaven

Tokyo Metro Museum

Off the usual Tokyo tourist agenda, the Tokyo Metro Museum is located on the Tozai Line in a quiet yet comfortable neighborhood called Kasai,...

Locals and foreign tourists are drawn to the gold-shimmering Schwedagon Pagoda in Yangon at night. It is Myanmar's holiest Buddhist site. (Photo by Wyatt Olson / Stars and Stripes)

Myanmar's religious sites and historic landmarks hint at its history

When I approached the taxi stand in front of Yangon International Airport after arriving in Myanmar recently for the first time, I asked the young...