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Mishima Skywalk: Photo courtesy of Ryota Kaneko

Mishima, Japan offers water, history & Mt. Fuji

Located at the entrance of Fuji Hakone Izu National Park, Mishima is a city of clean spring water. It offers several natural beauty spots...
For more than 100 years, Tokyo's Inokashira Koen has served as a gathering place for families and young people, who flock to see its scenic landscape complete with a large natural pond. (KAT BOUZA/STARS AND STRIPES)

Family, budget-friendly activities abound at Tokyo’s Inokashira Koen park

For more than 100 years, a park in the heart of the trendy neighborhood of Kichijoji has been drawing families and young people with its scenic...

Spa LaQua offers various types of treatments and massages including Korean scrub, which is popular among the visitors. (COURTESY OF TOKYO DOME CORPORATION)

5-story Tokyo spa resort offers various modes of relaxation, stays open overnight

In Japan, one doesn’t need to travel far to enjoy the many natural hot springs — or onsens in Japanese — the country has to offer. In fact, it is...

The Sakurada-Niju-Yagura watchtower at Tokyo’s Imperial Palace is visible from the outer areas of the grounds. It is the last remaining corner watchtower and is a reconstruction of the original, which was destroyed in 1923 during the Great Kanto earthquake.  ALLEN ONSTOTT/STARS AND STRIPES

Tokyo’s Imperial Palace offers history, architecture, nature amid skyscrapers

For many visitors to Tokyo, a stop at the Imperial Palace grounds is a must.

Every year, thousands of tourists and locals flock to the...

Time to hit the beaches in Japan!

Omi Maiko Beach
A freshwater beach on the Japan’s biggest lake


Photos courtesy of Taito-ku, Aomori Fireworks Executive Committee, Atsugi City, Iwakuni Sightseeing Association and Hirado Tourism Bureau.

MY FAVES: Fireworks sites

Throughout the summer, Japan’s night skies light up with the brilliance of “hanabi,” or fireworks. With more than 80 fireworks festivals...
Yomiuriland Water Amusement Island (WAI) (Photo courtesy of Yomiuriland)

Beat the heat at these water parks in Japan

NISSAN WATER PARK AT SHIN-YOKOHAMA PARK (Yokohama): Through Sept. 30, enjoy 22 varieties of swimming pools, including water-...

Sumida Firework Festival (Photo of Sumida Ward)

Upcoming fireworks displays in Japan


NISHIKI RIVER FIREWORKS FESTIVAL (Yamaguchi prefecture): Aug. 4, 8-9:30 p.m.; 6,000 fireworks...

Konpon Daito Pagoda, Koyasan (Photo by Sarah B. Hodge)

The wonders of Wakayama: Soul-searching in Japan’s sacred Kii Mountains

Wakayama’s rugged coastline and mountainous, heavily forested interior is home to some of Japan’s holiest shrines, temples and monasteries that...

Breakfast, Brunch & Baked Goods in Bangkok

One of the biggest perks (and my favorite part) of visiting any foreign country is tasting the local cuisine. It’s the best way to experience...

Hiroshima paper lantern ceremony to be held Aug. 6

Every year, on the evening of August 6th, colorful lanterns with messages of peace are placed into the Motoyasu River in Peace Park.  The...
Photo by Sandro Bernardinello

Waterfall wonders await on Izu

The east coast of Izu peninsula is rich with amazing natural sites and, while the trip along it is definitely worth travelling, the inland sites...