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Photos by Takahiro Takiguchi

Unique farmhouses quite the sight in northern Japan

Travel around the hilly valley in the central part of northern Japan, and you will encounter an impressive rural landscape of traditional...

5 simple tips for a healthier vacation

We all need a break from the real world from time to time. Whether you’re taking the weekend or two weeks off, you have already completed the...

Photo by Ignatius Koh

Easter Island’s meeting point in Shibuya

Everyone knows about Shibuya's Hachiko statue, the most popular meeting point possibly in all of Japan. However, on the southwest side of...
People view marine life swimming through the Sagami Bay tank at the Enoshima Aquarium in Fujisawa City, Japan, Oct. 25, 2015. A variety of marine life, including sting rays, sharks, jelly fish and penguins can be seen throughout the aquarium. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman David Owsianka

A journey to Enoshima Isand and aquarium

For those who enjoy marine life, beaches and history, there is a place located within Fujisawa City, Japan, that is a worthwhile adventure.

Photos by Nano Betts

How to spend a perfect day in beautiful Hakone

There are endless reasons to go to the small resort town of Hakone, although for me personally it was an urge to spend some time in nature and...

A dip in the ocean will refresh you body in this delightful resort. Photo by Hyakuna Garan

Hyakuna Garan Resort & Spa: Be one with nature

Hyakuna Garan is very much a symbol of the resurrection of Okinawa. Located near the epicentre of the Battle of Okinawa, these bleeding hills...
Photos by Yoneko Shiraishi

Nikko: Turn back time and immerse yourself in this relic of traditional Japan

Hidden among the mountains of Tochigi is Nikko, heir to some of the most exquisite and important Japanese national treasures such as the “sacred...
Photos by Samantha Lymburn-Law

A spouse's tips on making most of your tour in Japan

If I had to sum up our tour in Japan with three words, it would be: enjoyable, productive, enlightening.
Photos by Panchalee Supanimitkulkit

A station and a city in one place

Tokyo Station is the main train terminal and a major bus terminal in Tokyo bringing people to other cities in Japan. It is also the busiest,...
Photo by Morgan Calliope

Top 10 features of Japan trains

Japanese trains are marveled all over the world for their speed and efficiency. However, these are only a fraction of the train-related quirks...
Photo by MC2 Matthew Duncker

Explore Shimokitazawa

Atsugi, Japan - Southwest of the heart of the Tokyo Megalopolis, lies a neighborhood that at first glance could be mistaken for Williamsburg in...

Photos by Takiguchi Takahiro

Step into the Showa era with trip to Ome

Located on the west end of Tokyo, one hour from Yokota Air Base, Ome is an attractive town filled with nostalgia, traditional buildings, cartoon...