Outback Steakhouse

by Metropolis Magazine
Stripes Japan
When it comes to a relaxing atmosphere for dining, few places can top the Australian outback—and that’s a setting you can find right in the middle of Roppongi. With free Wi-Fi and many booths that provide a private setting for your lunch or dinner, Outback Steakhouse Roppongi offers a menu featuring burgers made with 100 percent pure beef patties that are topped with just the right amount of lettuce and tomato, sandwiched by a large bun that keeps all the goodness in. Want to go beyond burgers? Try Outback’s specialty: Slow-Roasted Prime Rib. Choose from three cooking styles: Original (brings out the flavor of the juicy roast beef); Seared; and Flame-grilled (for a smoky, bolder flavor). Offered on the weekend and at dinner time, every night in Roppongi. And don’t miss Happy Hour at the Bar, Mon-Fri 5-7pm.

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