Yokota High School students with access to the latest in digital libraries

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Yokota High School students with access to the latest in digital libraries

by: Samuel V. Richards, DAFC Library Director | .
Yokota Air Base Library | .
published: June 12, 2013

The Yokota Base Library and Yokota High School Library collaborated to provide the Yokota High School students with access to the latest in digital libraries. The Yokota High School library hosted the outreach activity and promoted this community partnership to expand the educational opportunities of the students.  The outreach event was a kind of “reverse fieldtrip” that allowed students and parents to set up Overdrive Digital Media accounts.  Overdrive is a digital media distributor that allows its users to digitally check out E-books, audio books, and music from a variety of authors and musicians. With Overdrive the teens will be able to download books and music directly to their devices, wherever they have an internet connection. Overdrive allows users to access their accounts on computers, smart phones, and tablets and will allow the students access to 21st century learning.  While the libraries partnered to bring these digital services to Yokota teens it is available to all Air Force active duty, civilians, and dependents. 

High school students are not the only people who can find educational materials on Overdrive. The Air Force Overdrive also offers digital access to the Air Force Chief of Staff Reading List. By creating an account Overdrive users can access the CSAF books in either E-book or audio book formats. Overdrive users can also check if titles from other  Professional  Reading Lists are available, go to the National Defense University Library to view the latest list for all the services. Overdrive also has non –fiction books on such topics as current events, education, and foreign language to provide their users with countless opportunities for educational materials.  

Overdrive also has a wide variety of entertainment and recreational offerings. Account holders can access hundreds of fiction books or checkout a wide variety of music using the Overdrive Media Consol. Hundreds of fiction books are available with titles from bestselling authors to the classics of literature are available for checkout. If all the available digital copies of the title you are looking for are currently being used, the Overdrive user can be put them on reserve and will be notified by email when it is available.  To learn how to set up your own Overdrive accounts visit your base library or click here for an Overdrive preview.

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