Word Study: Remediation or Enrichment?

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Word Study: Remediation or Enrichment?

by: Cheri A. Hayes, Ed.S | .
Shirley Lanham ES | .
published: September 27, 2016

How are you using word study in your classroom? Here at Lanham ES, Mrs. Rosa Melendez, ESL Teacher, pushes-in to her assigned students’ classrooms daily with a basket full of tricks and lots of support to offer the students and teacher.

Her presence generates excitement from all students as they are anxious to participate in a possible whole group lesson she may facilitate. One of the students’ favorite activities thus far has been word study.  Mrs. Melendez’s lessons target all ability levels as she differentiates the activities, uses language that is familiar, as well as new terms, and most of all, makes learning fun and engaging.

As an introduction to new spelling words for the week, Mrs. Melendez is able to make students comfortable by taking away the stresses of guessing spelling patterns and learning new vocabulary. Her implementation of word study in some classes have enabled students to discover they are real “word spies” as they can recognize blends, inflected endings, prefixes, suffixes, and other characteristics of words when reading stories.

Also, having the ability to manipulate and sort the words gives the students control of their learning. These activities do not limit themselves to spelling and vocabulary words. Try content words! Make it work for you. Whether you are a novice or a pro at working with words, it is an effort well worth implementing in your classroom.

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