Students hit the flight line

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Students hit the flight line

by: Val Delello, 5th Grade | .
Yokota West Elementary School | .
published: May 06, 2016

What is the best way to conclude a month full of celebrating our military kids? Well, a red-carpet tour of the flight line at Yokota Air Base, of course! Several squadrons participated with 183 students, staff, and PTO parent volunteers from YWES. The 730thAMS, 374th LRS CMF, 374th CE Fire Department, 459th AS, 36th AS,374th OSS, the 374th AMXS along with a yummy snack from Sunrise Bakery all helped us celebrate the Month of the Military Child by making it a day the children wouldn’t forget.

All of the participating squadrons had hands-on static displays that taught the kids what vital role all the squadrons have here at Yokota Air Base. From “driving” the cargo equipment, playing with parachutes, shooting water from a fire hose, climbing on a UH-1 helicopter, viewing a weather station, eating cake, and sitting in the pilot seat of a C130, the children just couldn’t stop smiling. The Airmen looked as if they were having just as much fun as our students and teachers. It was an honor and privilege to work with all involved in planning this fun learning experience for the children of Yokota West Elementary. It was a fantastic tour for everyone, and most importantly, our military children returned to school with a sense of how special they are to all of us. Thank you, Yokota Air Base Airmen, your efforts really made our day perfect!

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