A new kind of field day introduced at Sullivans

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A new kind of field day introduced at Sullivans

by: Steve Parker | .
DODEA Pacific | .
published: May 29, 2014

The Physical Education Department at The Sullivans School on board Yokosuka Navy Base in Yokosuka, Japan has introduced a novel version of Field day that allows all  60+ of the school's classes to participate in two weeks of physical activities that are fun for students and promote physical health at the same time. Dr. Natalie Doering and Travis Stevens, two of Sullivan's Physical Education teachers have transformed the school gym into a colorful mixture of different stations including Rope swinging, bowling, scooters, balance boards, Navy Seal obstacle courses, balance beams and basketballs. Children move through the different stations in relay race style to the beat of popular music.

"We have maintained the emphasis on play for these two weeks, Doering says. "We really want the kids to have a little fun to round out their year and this method allows us to give all the classes more time at each of the stations." The smiles of the children as they conquer the obstacle course and best their times on the balance boards would seem to indicate a positive response to Sullivan's new field day. Sullivan's 4th grader, John Millan smiles impishly when asked about the day and says, "Field day was great!"  

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