Mr. Rogers’ “GIFTED” Neighborhood

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Mr. Rogers’ “GIFTED” Neighborhood

by: Cheri A. Hayes, Ed.S | .
Shirley Lanham ES | .
published: November 04, 2016

When I first read the quote, "Look not for the gifted child, but the gift in every child," it really validated what we as educators attempt to accomplish on a daily basis. Each and every child that walks into our classroom has a gift. Do we always get to see the gift flourish? No! However, day after day, year after year, we are delivering and facilitating lessons to meet the needs of all students and their learning styles. Fact is, not all children are gifted academically. Nonetheless, Mr. Nathan Rogers, Lanham Elementary School’s Gifted Education Teacher, is open to seeing the gift in every child LHES serves. As the GE teacher, Mr. Rogers has the pleasure of visiting all classes at the school. These past few weeks, he has been spending time in the second grade classes bringing science alive with a “Dancing Raisins” activity. His approach is engaging and all students are captivated by his warm and witty personality.

Each visit by Mr. Rogers yielded various results with conversations, questioning, using background knowledge, and constructing hypotheses. In his three-day lesson, his patience, structure, and content expertise allowed a no-stress atmosphere where all students participated, shared freely, and felt empowered with taking accountability for their learning. Before, during, and after each hands-on task, students completed a P. A.W. Report (P – predict, A – actual, and W - why), which allowed them to put their thinking on paper and collect their data. Though all students do not have the opportunity for small group enrichment sessions with Mr. Rogers, his “Gifted Neighborhood” spans outside the four walls of his classroom and through all the classes of Lanham ES.

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